Innovation and Technical Improvements

With a strong innovative vocation, ASK Fras-le counts on highly specialized professionals, who work on the development of new products. It makes use of advanced tools to create parts, tests and simulations, keeping one of the largest Research & Development Centers in Latin America, comprising of three laboratories. Also, the company has a technological center, with a wide laboratory and tracks with different types of pavement with specific irregularities for tests under the most diverse conditions.

Proving Ground

Proving Ground

Fras-le counts on the Randon Technological Center (CTR), a proving ground par excellence.

Located 2.5miles (4 km) from Fras-le, in Farroupilha, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, the CTR features 20 different tracks, totalizing a length of 9.32 mi (15 km), where the most different types of pavement and specific irregularities for tests under the most diverse conditions are reproduced. Thus, the company may assure more safety, quality, competitiveness and reliability to the products developed.

It also features a 23680.60 ft² (2,200 m²) building, where there is a workshop for vehicle preparation and a structural lab, equipped with a 1011.808 ft² (94 m²) seismic base, electro-hydraulic actuators and workbenches for high-performance vibrational tests.

The technological complex counts on a skilled engineering team, pilots and test technicians.